About Rps Shipping

Rps shipping stands for Roadway Package Service shipping in full. It is normally a small package carrier that transports goods from one place to another. It is similar to other shipping services only that it has some special features which may not be found with other major shipping companies. The features make it unique and stand out from the rest as part of business competition strategies. The major notable difference is that while a majority of shipping companies can transport any size and weight of goods, rps shipping specializes in small consignments that are put into small size packages for faster delivery. The following are the distinct features of rps shipping service that differentiates it from the rest of the shipping companies;

First, rps shipping has integrated technology into its shipping services. A case in point is the introduction of the rps bar code label. This system enables the customer to capture information concerning the services being offered. This is mainly done at the start of the ordering cycle. Therefore before any transaction commences, information is first captured at the ordering cycle. This has played a major role in reducing cycle times which has increased efficiency in the operation of rps shipping services. Many rps shipping companies help customer companies to have their technology correspond to that of rps. Other than forcing the technology of the customer to fit into theirs, rps shipping companies adopt their technology to fit into that of the customers.

A majority of the rps shipping companies also have Access R services that permit customers to freely check the status of any package that is still in transit. This information may relate to when the package was sent, from which city, details of the package like weight and general description, estimated time of when it shall be received among others. To ensure that the information is relevant to the users, most of the companies update the contents frequently as they receive any new developments concerning the consignments on transit. The information is thus current. This is majorly achieved via posting new updates on their website where interested parties can access the information at no cost. This service keeps customers posted on the current status of their consignment.

For an efficient rps shipping service, it has to have an on van communication network. Every delivery van has a hand held scanner that reads bar codes on every package that is being transported. When a delivery is made, the scanner is linked to a computer that is also on board and the delivery information is updated on the computer through a modem. The information is then posted straight to the website of the shipping company. Therefore, delivery information can be obtained just hours after the actual delivery has been made.

Another feature of rps shipping is the use of collect delivery that is manifest. Under this, the rps gets all information about deliveries to a consignee. The information is then matched against the purchase order of the customer to see if they correspond. This cuts down on the amount of paperwork that the consignee would have to go through before settling the transportation bill.

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